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MEDCENTRE CONNECT was founded by a Canadian physician, Dr. S. Senthill, Mohan, who develops state-of- the-art medical facilities across Ontario, bringing together all vital health services under one roof for ‘one-stop health services.’

MEDCENTRE CONNECT is directly involved in providing healthcare services to people from all walks of life.

MEDCENTRE CONNECT provides an incredible opportunity for investors & medical professionals.

MEDCENTRE CONNECT recently decided to expand its services to more sectors of the healthcare industry, aside from healthcare and medical facility development, such as health insurance, homecare, pharmaceuticals, health education, healthcare business development, human resources, medical equipment, and medical supplies. In light of this expansion, we will now be operating as MEDCENTRE CONNECT GROUP OF COMPANIES.

Our Vision:

To create an unparalleled healthcare experience that focuses on the individual.

Our Mission:

Improving healthcare to create healthier communities.

Our Values:

Excellence – Empathy – Ethical Care

Upcoming Ventures

* Home Care

* Human Resource

* Health Education

* Health Insurance

* Pharmaceutical

* Medical Equipment & Supplies