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MEDCENTRE CONNECT was founded by a Canadian physician, Dr. S. Senthill Mohan, who develops state-of- the-art medical facilities across Ontario, bringing together all vital health services under one roof for ‘one-stop health services.’

MEDCENTRE CONNECT is directly involved in providing healthcare services to people from all walks of life.

MEDCENTRE CONNECT provides an incredible opportunity for investors & medical professionals.

MEDCENTRE CONNECT recently decided to expand its services to more sectors of the healthcare industry, aside from healthcare and medical facility development, such as health insurance, homecare, pharmaceuticals, health education, healthcare business development, human resources, medical equipment, and medical supplies. In light of this expansion, we will now be operating as MEDCENTRE CONNECT GROUP OF COMPANIES.

Our Vision:

To create an unparalleled healthcare experience that focuses on the individual.

Our Mission:

Improving healthcare to create healthier communities.

Our Values:

Excellence – Empathy – Ethical Care


Our aim is to bring together all vital health services under one roof for ‘one-stop health services’. The goal is to provide quick, reliable and convenient access to ethical healthcare services for all.

What We Can Assure You?

  • Quality medical care 365 days a year, with short wait times
  • Excellent medical care in a friendly and comforting atmosphere.
  • Easy-access to essential medical services including; Blood Tests, Urine Tests, X-ray, Ultrasound, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Fracture Clinic, Dental Surgery, Optometry and more…
  • Modern health services according to the government IT technology recommendations.
  • Multicultural services with staff who speak various languages.
  • Holistic health care services for people from all walks of life.


Medcentre Connect conducts and oversees each stage of development, starting from scratch, to establish state-of- the-art facilities. We follow the rapid changes in healthcare to meet the demand for specialized services and modern facilities.

What we do?

  • We create health-related facilities for everyone, according to their needs.
  • We can provide an unimaginable opportunity for investors & medical professionals.
  • We provide excellent ideas for any healthcare professionals wanting to start a healthcare business.
  • We know the special needs of health sector development better than anyone else.
  • We get the licences and permits required for the development of the health business.
  • We recruit doctors and other healthcare professionals for the facility.
  • We recruit and train medical staff to operate an Electronic Medical Record keeping facility.
  • We help manage the development at full potential for at least a year after construction.
  • We develop Medical Information Technology (IT) for the facility as well.
  • We develop facilities according to the latest expectations of the medical industry.
  • We create:
    • Multi-speciality Medical Centres
    • Urgent Care Centres/Complexes
    • Family Clinics (Family Doctors’ Office)
    • Diagnostic Imaging Clinics: X-Ray, Ultrasound & Echo Clinics
    • Dental Clinics
    • Retirement/Senior Facilities
    • Any other health related facilities.