About Us

Founder & President

Dr. S. Senthill Mohan, President & CEO

With over 25 years of experience in the field of medicine, Dr. S. Senthill Mohan has established himself at the forefront of the GTA’s healthcare facilitation.

His story began, akin to many Canadians; elsewhere. Dr. Mohan travelled extensively, working in corporate hospitals & teaching hospitals across India and Sri Lanka. During his time in India, Dr. Senthill Mohan was a part of renowned Cardiologist & Emergency Care Physician, Dr. T. J. Cherian’s team.

He eventually made his way to Canada and began serving as an Emergency Physician for 14 years after working in Cardiology for a year.

Dr. Mohan has also used his vast experience and knowledge to help others obtain medical care, coordinating with various US accredited hospitals globally.

Dr. Senthill Mohan’s experience of working alongside some of the world’s finest physicians and his exposure to US accredited corporate hospitals inspired him to establish Medcentre Connect Inc., a company which has developed state-of-the-art medical facilities across the city since 2012.

With two multi-speciality medical centres, including two family clinics, one Urgent Care Centre, an Imaging clinic (x-ray & ultrasound clinic) and a development project in the works, Dr. Mohan has put Medcentre Connect at the centre of the changing scope of healthcare in the GTA.

Recently he has decided to expand his current Health Care & Medical Facility development business to involve seven more sectors of Medical Industry. All his companies will function under Medcentre Connect Group of Companies, to provide holistic health care services for people in need, from all walks of life.