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MEDCENTRE CONNECT Facility Development Inc. is a leading service developer of medical facilities across Ontario. Medcentre Connect conducts and oversees each stage of development, starting from scratch, to establish state-of- the-art facilities. We follow the rapid changes in healthcare to meet the demand for specialized services and modern facilities.

What we do?

  • We create health-related facilities for everyone, according to their needs.
  • We can provide an unimaginable opportunity for investors & medical professionals.
  • We provide excellent ideas for any healthcare professionals wanting to start a healthcare business.
  • We know the special needs of health sector development better than anyone else.
  • We get the licences and permits required for the development of the health business.
  • We recruit doctors and other healthcare professionals for the facility.
  • We recruit and train medical staff to operate an Electronic Medical Record keeping facility.
  • We help manage the development at full potential for at least a year after construction.
  • We develop Medical Information Technology (IT) for the facility as well.
  • We develop facilities according to the latest expectations of the medical industry.
  • We create:
    • Multi-speciality Medical Centres
    • Urgent Care Centres/Complexes
    • Family Clinics (Family Doctors’ Office)
    • Diagnostic Imaging Clinics: X-Ray, Ultrasound & Echo Clinics
    • Dental Clinics
    • Retirement/Senior Facilities
    • Any other health related facilities.

Excellent Opportunity

Excellent Opportunity for Medical Professionals & Health Care Investors!

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to be an Equity partner with a guaranteed, excellent rate of return on your investment!

Contact : Invest@medcentreconnect.com or
Phone : 416-357-7714