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MEDCENTRE CONNECT Business Development Inc.was founded by a Canadian physician who develops state-of-the-art medical facilities across Ontario and provides quick, reliable and ethical healthcare services.

With his extensive experience as a doctor and as a top rated healthcare entrepreneur, Dr. Senthill Mohan has now created this separate federal corporation specializing in healthcare business development, as part of Medcentre Connect Group of Companies.

We have an excellent expert team and unimaginable networking with other Health Care experts, we will soon be in the frontline of Health Care Business Development.

We provide guaranteed services promising positive outcomes or our service fees are returned.

What do we do?

Create, buy and sell Medical Businesses or Facilities

  • We facilitate the sale or purchase of Medical businesses with top confidentiality
  • We provide concept to completion support to healthcare professionals seeking to create a Medical business or Medical facility

Create investment opportunities for Foreigners (Non-Canadians):

  • We help International investors to acquire/develop Medical Facilities in Canada and abroad
  • We guarantee returns for foreign investors who invest in the health care industry
  • All foreign investments will be legally done and openly transparent

Pursue strategic opportunities

  • We are open to strategic alliances with National & International health care institutions
  • We can facilitate any business deal in the health care industry
  • We facilitate partnerships and business relationships among medical businesses

Manage branding, market analysis and increase revenues

  • We help medical businesses upgrade their branding
  • We monitor the Health care industry with more diligence than our competitors and advise our clients
  • We implement strategic decisions to increase our clients’ revenue

Identify new health care markets

  • We identify new health care markets in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and outside GTA
  • We facilitate foreign investments in the healthcare industry abroad by Canadian investors

Our services are available internationally

  • Our services are available in Canada and outside Canada (USA, Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, India & Sri Lanka)